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Make your sad child happy

A science-based app to improve emotional competence of children through gamification

Why Sappy? 

Sappy is like no other mobile apps

It has many features that makes it unique in comparison to other wellbeing apps

Improves academic success and resilience

Based on scientific evidences, children with stronger emotional skills will be more successful at school and may experience less anxiety and depression.

Based on developmental approach

Children grow fast and in each age they have different emotional skills. Sappy covers that.


Based on Science

Talented cognitive scientists proposed Sappy, Just ten sessions of Sappy improves 20% of emotional skills.


– Amazing app features –

Children learn different emotions' name and expression on themselves and others

Learn Emotions

Children learn how different situations can elicit different emotions. e.g., in a fight you get angry.
They will also learn to manage their emotions.

Learn through gamification

Whenever Children express emotions, characters in the game will imitate their emotions through Sappy's AI engine.

AI based emotion imitator

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Our team

Neshat Ahmadi

As a social cognitive expert, I worked with more than 500 children. I know their concerns, needs, and benefits. Now, with Sappy I will combine my work and research experience to create a happier world for children.

Rahim Entezari

My current focus is to develop AI-based solutions for resource-constrained devices like mobile phones and wearable devices. I enjoy teaching Sappy's AI to behave like humans.

Nikoo Naserzadeh

As a designer, I created different games and characters, especially for children. I love to illustrate for children and as a result, I am now designing Sappy's characters. It is wonderful to be part of Sappy.

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